What happens when you have too many ideas?

If you ever feel “stuck” with your agency…is it because you can’t come up with an idea?

As digital marketers, we don’t struggle with finding ideas…

In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

We’re such resourceful, creative thinkers, that we have TOO MANY ideas.​​

I was doing some onboarding training with a new member of the Inner Circle last week. 

We talked for a little while about all the ideas he has for his agency…and something occurred to me… 

When I first started my agency, I also struggled with “too many ideas.” 

I feared making the wrong choice by committing to the wrong idea, so I’d either (1) become overwhelmed and frozen, or (2) spread myself too thin by placing little focus on a lot of different ideas.

Does this sound familiar at all to you?

This dilemma is one of the main reasons why I joined Russel Brunson’s coaching program — to help me figure out which ideas to follow. 

And now, as a coach, I realize that this is the main problem I address with my students. I hear all the different ideas that they have, and together we build a path forward by focusing on just one or two things.

So right now, if you’re experiencing the same problem of “too many ideas,” I’d like to invite you to book a strategy call with my team

You can tell me the different possibilities you see with your agency…

…and, based on my 17+ years of experience, I’ll tell you which path to focus on. 

Don’t spread yourself too thin or stall for fear of “missing out” on a good idea…

Mike Schmidt