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So you can OWN A BUSINESS, not a job.

Coaching for digital marketing freelancers, small agencies & sideprenuers who are done settling and are ready to finally own a profitable business that serves your life.

“Only take advice from someone is currently an agency owner with sustained success.”

Mike Schmidt, Founder of Anchor Wave & Agency Coach

You won’t find us teaching anything we’ve not succeeded with in our own agency first.  We reject the trend of gurus and course makers teaching success principles without a sustained track record of their own.  Learn. Prove. Coach.  It’s our model for enabling you to succeed.

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Does this sound like you?

“I wasn’t born a salesperson.”
“I need more clients & predictable recurring income.”
“I want my clients to get great results & be awesome to work with.”
“I want to grow my business, but I just need to know more.”
“How do I build and keep a team that helps me deliver great work to my clients.”
“I want to build a sales team.”

You’re not alone! You’ve found your home. Welcome to the #AgencyPro community.

Our Tribe & Movement


Our community connects you with agencies, freelancers, etc, who are taking control of their businesses and finding the freedom to choose where they grown next! Find inspiration, encouragement, and solutions to your toughest challenges from people who understand what you’re going through.

I am so grateful for Mike Schmidt and his team at Agency Coach! I started working with Agency Coach early in 2019 primarily focused on gaining more online reviews for my web design clients. Moving forward, I am very excited to learn more about ways to create ongoing income providing exposure marketing services with less stress about specifically delivering leads. Thanks so much!

Steven Schwartz, Agency Owner, PD/GO Digital Marketing

I’m excited about what I’ve learned through Agency Coach. Since I have signed up, I am reenergized. I have a new sense of confidence.

James Levisee, Agency Owner, ITJames

Mike really made the difference in my decision. After watching the webinar I was already convinced, but with Mike’s support afterwards on trying to get my first client, it was really a no brainer. Got it in no time, and was able to finally purchase ReviewPro. Thanks a ton, Mike!

Tiago, Agency Owner

Cheers to Mike & co for a great course and support. This is the perfect fit for my value ladder. If you’re on the fence, go for it. I did all the analysis to make sure it was a good fit. I can tell you it is.

Tim O’Brien, Agency Owner, Tim O’Brian Marketing

Huge success for me. Can’t thank you enough Mike! This changed my business and my life. I HIRED a sales person because I’m selling so much.

Mark Boyce, Agency Owner, G4H Consulting

Do you ever feel stuck when thinking about questions to ask clients or potential clients? How do you balance fact finding/ curiosity without loosing them in the details?

27 Questions to Ask Every New Client

Download the 27 question I ask every new client that builds trust, increases perceived value and gets to the heart of what you need to knowwithout boring you or the client.

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