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Agency Coach is here to provide you with the coaching and access to knowledge of what it takes to build a profitable agency that been running since 2003 (and still is).  You deserve to have a business that fuels your dreams and is a vehicle for your highest aspirations.  We provide free and exclusive paid training programs as well as access to community to support your business growth.

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Mike is the founder of Anchor Wave, an agency based in Tucson, Arizona.  He founded Agency Coach in 2017 to help aspiring online entrepreneurs build more recurring revenue without  learning tons of new marketing skills.

Our Agency: Anchor Wave

Meet our agency, Anchor Wave.  Founded in 2003, we’ve helped thousands of local business clients fuel their customer activity. We’re a team of 20 based out of our offices in Tucson, Arizona.

Our agency is our lab where we test everything we learn before we teach it to you.  It’s our most valuable asset that we’re now opening up for you.

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Mike Schmidt Anchor Wave | Agency Coach

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