You’re not the only one…

If you think about the new year, you’re probably thinking about new plans for your agency: 

…How can I outperform last year?

…How can I secure more clients?

These are all good questions to consider…but I find that a lot of my students assume they’re the ONLY ones grappling with these questions.

In other words…they don’t realize that their clients + prospects are wondering the exact same things!

The new year = fresh ad budgets and Q1 plans to reach new audiences. 

If you approach prospects with this understanding in mind, then you can forge a mutually beneficial relationship. 

With your expertise and their openness / willingness to invest, you can do some pretty incredible things in 2021. ?

And, if you want some help with finding the right clients to approach with this proposal…

Book a free strategy call with my team.

You tell us about your agency + goals for the upcoming year, and we’ll respond with tips for getting it done. ✅

Remember, you certainly aren’t the only one who wants this year to be better than before…

There are hundreds of opportunities out there, waiting for someone like you to come along.

Mike Schmidt