Permission to Act

“It’s my agency. I don’t need to ask anyone’s permission.”

At least, that’s the voice in your head…

But, if you look at your actions — are you waiting for someone else to tell you what to do?

The other day, I was thinking about the concept of “permission.”

As adults, we are inherently responsible for our own behavior…

But we all spent at least 18 years asking someone else for permission before acting.

We needed to raise our hands before speaking in school.

We needed to ask our parents before making plans with friends.

We spent so long looking to authority figures for guidance…

It’s difficult to suddenly accept, “Oh, I’m in charge now.”

When I first started my agency, I definitely felt like I needed permission before making decisions. 

I felt like there was a pre-established “right” and “wrong” way to run a business, so I constantly tried to gauge what everyone around me was thinking before committing to a decision.

This mentality filled me with self-doubt.

I stifled my own creativity to appease some external, non-existent judgment.

And, when I finally realized that I was in charge…

…that every business in the entire world exists because someone at some point decided to take charge…

I finally decided to give myself permission. 

I learned how to be okay with the unknown —

— to trust myself and experiment with my own ideas,

— and accept that every decision comes with risks, and no “approval” or “expert advice” can take those risks away.

And, as a result, I finally felt like work was fun.

You see…

When you stop looking for permission or guarantees before acting…

You start seeing all that is possible, rather than a sea of shoulds and shouldn’ts.

You are 100% in charge and accountable for your own life and your business, and this is a wonderful thing.

I REALLY believe in people living the lives they want…

So I’ve put together a little training video, to help you get the ball rolling with your agency or boost what you’ve already built. 

Trust me: don’t waste your life waiting for someone else’s permission.

Give yourself permission to pursue the life you really want.

Mike Schmidt