It’s Not About the Software

Since I began Agency Coach and started teaching other entrepreneurs how to offer review services to businesses…

Many people ask me questions like: 

“…What kind of software do you use?”

“…How do I pitch this software to businesses?”

“…Why would businesses hire me, when they could just buy the software themselves?”

And the truth is…

The reviews and reputation management business isn’t about software. 

It’s about the results you provide for your clients. 

For example, my agency has a QuickBooks subscription to keep track of billing and invoices. 

This subscription is $150 per month.

But…I’d be lying if I said that the total cost of working with QuickBooks is $150 per month. 

An accountant comes into our office twice a week to operate the software, and we pay her $2,500 per month. 

My agency is willing to pay WAY more than the cost of a QuickBooks subscription, to actually achieve the end result of paying off invoices and collecting bills on time.

If I just paid $150 for QuickBooks and expected the software to do the work for me…then my agency would be in serious trouble right now.

The same is true for review and reputation management software vs. services.

Your clients want the RESULTS that a review and reputation management software can provide, and they are willing to pay you — the expert — to bring home the results. 

Makes sense, right?

After all, you started your agency to provide marketing services to clients, right? Not to sell software. 

So if you understand how to effectively use the software, and you learn how to sell your clients based on the results you can provide for their businesses…

Then that’s where you can make real money.

If you want to learn more about how to start a review and reputation management service in your agency…

Or if you just want some advice on how to find high-paying clients…

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Mike Schmidt