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Studio Sherpas Podcast: How To Turn Small Wins Into Big Budget Projects

Agency Coach Studio Sherpa Podcast | Agency Coach

Mike joins Ryan Koral on Studio Sherpas to discuss how to build important early client relationships that are so crucial when getting your business up and running. These trusted connections help you go back to the client time and again to offer them your services – a much easier prospect than hustling for new work. They also talk about:

  • Why hiring a team of employees will make you more money instead of costing you more
  • Deciding if joining a chamber of commerce is a good idea for you
  • How helping businesses get 5-star reviews is the perfect opener for introducing your services to clients
  • The impact of reviews on a client’s business and how you can help them
  • Why you need to help your videos produce results for your clients so they come back to you again and again
  • The benefits of sharing your knowledge and expertise with others in your field