What kinds of businesses need reviews now?

How are you? 

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to leave my house!


I have to admit I’m also enjoying connecting with business and agency owners in new ways.

Yesterday, I attended a mastermind presented by one of our students.

Someone asked me, “Mike, what type of business needs reviews in this environment?”

I could tell they were looking for the perfect answer…

They wanted me to tell them… these kinds of businesses need reviews, these others don’t.

Sadly, I don’t have the perfect answer.

It’s not black and white.


Right now there are businesses who are finding a way through this mess, and others who have given up.

You could take two landscapers…

One of them is thriving because they have found a way to keep their business going.

And, the other could be gripped in fear, not doing anything.

The trick is, you need to find the businesses who are thriving.

It’s not only about what industry they are in, it has everything to do with their attitude.

It’s up to us to… 

1. Find opportunities

2. Create hope

And most of all…

3. Connect with the business owners who have the right attitude about their business.

If you’re looking for inspiration today, I’d like to invite you to see how to connect with businesses who need your help with their reviews.


When you’re done watching…

INSPIRE one of your clients to take action no matter what their business is, or what they’re doing in this environment. 

My perfect answer is:

There is a client who needs you and it’s not about what industry they are in. It’s about the way they see the future of their own business.

Mike Schmidt