Stop Multitasking

This is an important lesson for every agency owner:

There is only ever ONE THING you need to focus on next.

Multitasking is a myth.

It’s a catch phrase used by lazy people to justify their suffering.

Let me share why..

I was on a coaching call the other day.

The agency owner I was speaking with said she felt overwhelmed.


There was a pile of things to do.

Not just client work, but all the things she needed to get her business really going.

She felt scattered and nothing seemed clear.

To me it was obvious why she felt that way…. 

It was like she was trying to bake a cake and was worrying about what plate and fork to use before she even mixed up the ingredients and turned on the oven!

The cake was not baked and she was worrying about a problem she didn’t even have yet!

This happens in almost all of our agencies…

We worry about how we’re going to deliver the website or marketing campaign before we even have the lead or get hired to do the job.

We worry about scaling our sales process when we don’t even have many sales coming in.

We worry about what project management software we should use when we don’t have projects.

Listen, I get it.

These things ARE important.  But they are not important yet.

The rule is simple:

Don’t start working on problems you don’t have yet.

It’s a huge reason people never get what they want.

My job as a coach for agency owners is simple…

It’s to help you identify the ONE STEP you need to take right now that moves you in the direction of your success.

It’s also my job to help you identify exactly what would stop you from taking that step.

Then, we eliminate the roadblock and repeat the process.

Let me ask you a question:

How would you like to work with me personally so I can help you identify your next step, help you remove roadblocks and get you on your way to your goal?

And, we can do it over and over again.

That’s exactly what I’m offering the members of my Inner Circle.

This program isn’t a silver bullet and it’s not for everyone. Why? Because it requires you to actually do the work.

Once you apply, we’ll set up a time to review your application.

On the call, we’re looking for two things…

1. Are you coachable?

2. Are you the type of person that is an implementer, an action taker?

These two things are required for us to help you get any kind of results using the process I described above.

Mike Schmidt