Play to your strengths

This is such an important rule to follow when running your agency.

So often, we get caught up in what we think we “should” be doing…

When instead, we could be finding solutions that complement our talents.

I have been thinking about this phrase a lot — “play to your strengths” — since a recent trip I took with my wife and kids. 

My wife and I took turns driving as we made our way up from Tucson to the Grand Canyon National Park for some camping. 

And as we took turns driving, I noticed something…

When my wife was driving, she used Waze on her phone to follow the right route and steer clear of potential traffic. 

But I used a different method when I took the wheel. I knew that the park was almost directly north of Tucson, so I navigated by following road signs.

Both strategies lead us to our objective: the Grand Canyon National Park… 

But, based on our different minds and personalities, we used different strategies to get there. 

My wife chose Waze so that she could hear the directions out loud. She’s more of an auditory learner, and this method allows her to truly enjoy the passing scenery while she’s driving without worrying about following signs.

I, on the other hand, tend to get wrapped up in the journey and miss the GPS voice telling me to “turn right” or “veer left.” I’m more visual, so I chose to use my strengths by navigating with road signs.

If one of us felt like we had to use the other’s method — if my wife felt like she had to rely on road signs, or if I felt like I had to use Waze…


We might have taken multiple wrong turns on our way to the park, and been a whole lot grumpier in the process.


Are you playing to your strengths when it comes to your agency?

Or do you feel pressured to follow a certain trend?

Because if you’re working against your nature…you could just be adding detour after detour on your route to success.

Instead, I’m encouraging you to identify your strengths, and to embrace these strengths when choosing strategies for your agency. 

Trust me — by embracing who you are, work will be a lot more fun…

…And you’ll get where you want much faster. 

If you aren’t sure what your strengths are yet…

Or, if you want some advice for achieving fast results with your agency…

Then I’m inviting you to book a free, zero-commitment strategy call with my team: 

I know I would have killed for this kind of feedback when I was first starting out.

Mike Schmidt