Meet Mike

I’m on your team.

I launched my agency in 2003 as a 22-year-old college graduate with a deep desire to become a leader in the web and digital marketing industry. Since then, I’ve steadily built the business from a one-man business to a 20+ person agency.  I’m proud because it’s a true small business success story. I’ve always understood that my success would be a result of dedication to clients, a soul-driven quest to build up the lives of others and a continual commitment to improvement.

I want to make your experience exceptional and help you see your own power to take control of your life. You have the power to change your world and Agency Coach gives me the path to provide you with the business knowledge and systems.  I embrace the spirit of transparency and collaboration.

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What I Believe…

There’s no shortage of clients out there or money to be made
Your business can (and should) run without you
You deserve to be paid based on the value your provide, not the time it takes
Every business needs to focus on building up their recurring revenue
Helping others achieve their goals is the fastest way to achieve your own
Treat your business like a big business from day one

Want to know more about the Agency that I founded? We have a team of 20 that are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

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My Story


A Website for a High School?

I co-founded my high school’s web team.  A totally rouge and foreign concept.  A website for a high school?


MSNBC Site of the Night

Recognized as something unique, the newly launched MSNBC show “The Site” featured my work in their “Site of the Night” segment.


The Magic Library hits 25,000 Users

I built a site to learn magic tricks from real magicians and ended up learning Perl and PHP… trading one hobby, for a brand new love.


My Agency is Born

Shortly before graduating from college, I started Anchor Wave Internet Solutions out of the bedroom of the house I was renting.

Our Agency

Struggle: Doing it the Hard Way

Trading my time for money; and struggling each month to keep it all together.  Employees, contractors… all my responsibility to keep afloat.


First Million Dollar Year

Hard work was paying off but it was killing me.  Fighting every month to make more money flow in and struggling with a revolving door of employees.  It was hard to find time to celebrate.


The Hybrid Agency Model: A Recurring Revenue Breakthrough

Sell it once, get paid forever.  Recurring revenue based on services that were highly leveraged dawned a brand new direction for my agency.


A Growing Team

Stability as result of recurring revenue changed the pace of life and allowed us to invest in our team and stop the constant churn of team members.


Agency Mastermind is Born

Our years of trials and experiments have lead us to build our own amazing agency and now Agency Mastermind is here to help others learn from our experience.


Agency Mastermind becomes Agency Coach

To create alignment and instant clarity about what we do, Agency Mastermind rebrands as Agency Coach.


A Bright Future

Agency Coach is constantly innovating and finding new ways to help our community take leaps forward in their businesses and lives.